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General Dentistry

Often, in today’s times, many families find that the monthly premiums of dental insurance are not an option when planning and budgeting for the families needs. We, at Healthy Smiles Family Dental Care, feel a need to help those of our patient family with a program to help to offset the cost of your dental health with a comprehensive discount program for all of your dental needs.

Unlike some programs out there, we do not discount just a few rarely used dental procedures.

We believe that when our patients have an improved dental health, they can find an improvement in their overall health. This is why we offer a 15% discount on all procedures for discount club members. There is no dollar limit on savings, no procedure restrictions that differ from month to month. The only limitation is for procedures that are covered by insurance or procedures that are financed. *

The membership dues are only $40 per year per individual and $150 for a qualifying family plan, for up to 6 family members! In most cases, the savings from a single visit is greater than the membership dues. It doesn’t get much more affordable than that.

All patients qualify and are eligible for the Healthy Smiles Family Discount Program.

All of our procedures are discounted, however below is a list of our most common:

· Exams
· X-rays
· Cleanings
· Crowns
· Full Dentures
· Partial Dentures
· Surgical Procedures
· Whitening

What is your discount? Club members receive a 15% discount on all services. *

Please don’t hesitate to call to discuss with us today!

* See registration form for details.